Spanish school

The school was founded in 1991 and we have vast experience teaching languages. 
Our teaching staff is selected by a coordination team and is formed by real professionals.

The teachers know the importance of collaborating in the integration within the first hours in which a student:  visits our city, finds his or her way around, chooses accommodation, food, bars, supermarkets, pharmacies and everything that he or she needs to feel safe and comfortable. This means that the teachers are always there to help students concerning their needs. All of them are native Argentinians who speak Spanish and English. 

We base our education on the communicative educational method and therefore prioritize the active participation of the students in the learning process.
We incorporate all the necessary tools to improve the learning process (video, audio and extra material such as newspapers or magazine articles).
The maximum number of people per group in the institute is 10. 
The number of daily hours per group is determined according to the level that each student wants to achieve and the amount of time that he or she stays in our city. 
Important! You can start studying in Buenos Aires and continue in different places of Argentina or the other way round because we have friend schools in Mendoza, Córdoba, Bariloche and Salta. We share the same educational methods and criteria with them. 

The following are the available courses at the institute:

·         Survival course
o    20-hour /40-hour/ 80-hour courses.

·         Intensive or regular courses

·          Getting to know Buenos Aires
o    20 hours of Spanish lessons. Communicate in Spanish!
o    City tour. Discover the city where you are staying
o    Guided visit. Choose the place you prefer for a personalized guided tour
o    The outskirts. Visit a ranch and learn about the “gaucho”, or enjoy a day near the river in Delta!

·         Buenos Aires Tango
o    20 hours of Spanish lessons. Communicate in Spanish!
o    Musical City tour. Discover the city where you are staying while listening to tango music!
o    Tango tour. Walk around one of the most typical tango neighbourhoods.
o    Tango workshop and visit to a “milonga”. Learn the history of tango and its first steps, which you will practice later on a “porteño” dancefloor!

·         Buenos Aires Art
o    20 hours of Spanish lessons. Communicate in Spanish!
o    Architectural guided tour. Appreciate the beautiful architecture in Buenos Aires
o    Visit to a museum or studio. Share a visit to a museum or a studio with a national artist
o    Cinema workshop. Acquire some cinematographic skills, watch a film in Spanish and discuss it in class!

·         Buenos Aires Football
o    20 hours of Spanish lessons. Communicate in Spanish!
o    Live football match. Enjoy a typical football match in Buenos Aires.
o    Guided tour of La Boca. Visit famous Caminito and Boca Juniors museum

·         Buenos Aires Gastronomy
o    20 hours of Spanish lessons. Communicate in Spanish!
o    Barbecue. Enjoy a barbecue in a typical ranch
o    Wine tasting session. Discover the secrets of Argentinean wine

There are group, semi-group and individual classes.

We assure our students that: 
·         They are the major figures in the learning process.
·         They will receive personalized attention.
·         The different plans are adapted to their needs considering times and ways of learning.
·         The syllabuses are flexible.
·         The will notice immediate achievements and will learn fast.
·         They will develop trust and receive support to have a better approach towards the learning process.

The school is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, 5 minutes away from the Congress, in the historical neighborhood of Montserrat.

Benefits granted by the school:
·         Tutorships during the whole learning process
·         Teaching material
·         Attendance certificate
·         Free coffee and biscuits.
·         Information about accommodation in family homes and apartments. 
·         Alignment with Spanish schools in other locations within Argentina (Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta and Bariloche).
·         Friendly environment
·         Tourist activities
·         Transfer to the airports

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